Cookies can be ordered through email: orders@pookystudio.com Facebook: PookyStudio or Instagram: @pookystudio

This is a Bespoke Business, so please send any questions you have to orders@pookystudio.com and we will get right back to you.

Imaged Cookies

Classic shapes: rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals, triangles (custom available too).

The price of a cookie depends on its size, number of colors and if it’s packaged.

There is a one-time plate charge for the logo, art, image, message or such, of $50.00 on all printed work.

Please send order inquiry at least 2 weeks in advance of order, to ensure enough time.

Pricing Guidelines

Price per cookie: 3" is $1.00 each ~ 4" is $1.50 each for a one-color print.

(for each additional color add 25 cents)

The cookies can be packaged as favors individually in a high quality cello bag with a choice of a satin ribbon, which creates a great party favor, add $1.00.

One color 3" square in bag

50 cookies x $1.00 = $50

50 bags x $1.00 = $50

Plate charge = $50

Total = $150

Portraits and Photos

Prices for 4" Black & White rectangle, oval, etc.

4" Cookies are $1.50 plus a $50 plate charge.

4" Portrait Cookie unwrapped

25 Cookies x $1.50 = $37.50

Plate Charge = $50

Total = $87.50
Large 10" x 12" Hand Painted Portraits
such as Susan B. Anthony

$150 each

Great for cake tops

Pooky Pop

Two delicious buttery cookies sandwiched with a dark chocolate ganache on a lollipop stick!

One color logo is $5 packaged in high quality cello bag and choice of satin ribbon.

3" PookyPop Wrapped

50 Pops x $5.00 = $250

Plate Charge = $50

Total = $300
3" PookyPop Unwrapped

50 Pops x $4.00 = $200

Plate Charge = $50

Total = $250

3" Square logo box – Cookie Favor

Inside this gold trimmed box are 2 cookie sandwiches with your choice of message, logo, portrait or such.

Gold Boxes with 2 sandwiches are $5.00

Gold trim logo box with 2 sandwiches

100 boxes x $5.00 = $500

Plate Charge = $50

Total = $550


100 approx. 3" stickers die-cut to shape for $100 (new!).

Shipping & Handling

The cookies ship very well and are double boxed to ensure they arrive in good order.

Shipping costs not included in pricing, except where specified e.g. Skyscapes, Cheeseburgers.