About The Cookies

Ingredients: Flour, Cane Sugar, Butter, Organic Eggs, Shortening, Cream, Pure Vanilla & Almond extract, Spelt, Baking Powder & Salt. All Natural & Certified Food Coloring.

Include Cocoa powder for Chocolate Cookies & Prints, Chocolate morsels for ganache.

Sparkle and edible special effects from N.Y.Cake.

Crafted in Hudson, NY by PookyStudio with local ingredients.

About The Baker

As the former owner of Butler Baking Ltd and www.cookiestudio.com you can be assured of wonderful cookie projects, events and happenings that began in 1988.

Previously located in NYC, I have created exceptional baked structures, villages, cookie pops and party favors for many great events over the years including the Vanity Fair Oscar parties and specialty lines at stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales.

PookyStudio is always happy to entertain inquiries into how we can make your celebration memorable with our figurative or painterly cookies! Contact: pookystudio@gmail.com

(Photo: Andi State)


Winner of the Preservation League of NYS Holiday Baking Championship!

The Illustrated Cookie! Thank you Palm Beach Illustrated! Bruce Helander & Frank Bernarducci!!!!! I am honored to bake for you, and what a thrill to be part of this article! Very appreciated!