December 31, 2020

Happy New Year 2021

 May 2021 be a year of Joy, Good Health and Happiness! here is a cookie card created from Us to You, starring the gingerbread hound, Maxie! (He is a Golden Retriever, so very good match in color too!)

You can eat these delicious marvels of legible edible goodness and we hope you find us in 2021 for announcements, birthdays celebrations and more! Stay healthy and Stay Safe- the Universe needs you!

Peace On Earth and Good Will To All!


December 21, 2020

Christmas Cookie Map

Christmas goodness and all kinds of lovely shimmering Gingerbread treats put together make a kind of Christmas Map of the Holiday scene. 

Here is an arrangement to spark light and life into this interior kind of time we are having, with the cookies leading the way and I hope you enjoy their festive glow, and delicious taste!

December 08, 2020

Crown of New York City

Put my thinking cap on and saw a crown of New York City, inspired by those who have written about the skyline and among others, Lawrence Durell's line "Who needs jewels when we have the night?" And indeed the City Skyline is in itself a Diadem if you wrap it around. Here the 3D version of great builds reflecting the Creative Arts which are celebrated in millions of ways in the city of my birth and my youth. Please enjoy this cookie version, and feel free to order your
Price available upon request.


December 02, 2020

Sun in Sagittarius


 The very charming and lucky Sagittarius Centaur  is the symbol of the 9th sign in the Zodiac. Ruled by Jupiter himself, those of this sign are allegedly born lucky due to their good works in past lifetimes. Adventurous, philosophical and fun-loving with a truth seeking missile attached to that arrow! Here he rides ahead, having just made his shot! Did you find the arrow?

November 03, 2020

For Election Day 2020


Whether or not Politics brings out the best in us, we should never forget what we as HUMANS are capable of. Let's look at an example from the polymath and artistic genius, the Great Leonardo DaVinci, another person who lived on Planet Earth. He created the drawing of the Vitruvian man to show a perfect figure, but to me, and perhaps to him, DaVinci showed that we are stars! This drawing always makes me realize that we are a 5 pointed star. And thinking about DaVinci makes me also realize that we are able to create so much goodness, value, beauty and worth in the angles of our better nature! Hope you VOTE!

And hope you never forget that another human being drew this, and in 1490! We are truly awesome as a species, let's remember this for the future, and live up, not down to, our expectations of humanity. 

October 08, 2020

Libra Means Justice!

 Sun In Libra means a search for Justice, as Libran symbology includes the scales. The personification of Justice balancing the scales dates back to the Egyptian Goddess of Justice, Maat, who stood for Truth and Fairness. I do not have to go back to Ancient Egypt to find my muse, and personification of Justice. Exalting a GREAT woman whose legacy we should be Honoring now, a true heroine of Justice, here's The Delicious RBG, or the Ruth Bader Ginsbergbread Cookie! In Ruth We Trust!


October 01, 2020

College Treats for Our Times!

 Cookies of College Logos are a sweet reminder for a student in these Covid days. Coupled with Brownies and all the positive reinforcements for Education are there! Chocolate! University! Cookietime! Yummy! 

As I am a huge supporter of education and smarts, One Dozen cookie/brownie combos, including shipping is now $36.00 (shipping East Coast) or $40.00 (West Coast) - your choice of school logo (one color) 

Help a student out and send them something Delicious and Special! make them glad they are in school right now! 

Or if you want to send a dozen 3" logo cookies, they will arrive for the total price of $30!

Get your College Specials NOW! The Kids will thank you!

September 18, 2020

Thank You Means More with Cookies!

 To thank some awesome people who were instrumental in helping get The Last Edition of The 1st Question on that InterNetWork known as Second Life, cookies were made and shipped! Some avatars were cookie interpreted, some logos were created and some skyscapes reminiscent of jewelry was crafted! See below for these magnificent and super tasty example s of Cookie Fine Art! And thank you to the crew who made it happen!



       Second Life Logo Cookies

August 27, 2020

The only adult in the Zodiac is the Virgo symbol of a woman, so Virgo Women (of which I am one) are special to me. And maybe you too! Here is a pantheon of Virgos all made from the delicious butter cookie recipe I have been working with for so long, and which includes chocolate and gingerbread too!

The Women of The Virgo Cookiehood

Top Row: Mother Teresa / Greta Garbo / Lauren Bacall / Sophia Loren / Ingrid Bergman / Beyonce

Bottom Row: Queen Elizabeth l / Pooky Amsterdam / Raquel Welch / Salma Hayek / Padma Lakshmi

August 13, 2020

Sun In Glorious & Glamorous LEO

 For the Lion & Lioness amongst us, Nothing says Dapper, Darling and Dominant Leo like some classic SugarPets! His n Hers Leo when you need to celebrate those Sun Kissed Souls!

July 12, 2020

Gala Edition - PS21 Chatham

Recently PookyStudio was part of a wonderful multi layered food gift and the cookies were also multi - flavored, my favorites! Gingerbread, Chocolate Orange and Almond Vanilla, all sublime and with different signature colors for the most awesome Performance Space in the Hudson Valley! Well worth coming to Chatham, NY for indeed!

And if you want cookies, please send an email to or and we will make it happen!!!! Deliciously of course, we are special occasion experts!

While we are in July, let's celebrate MoonChildren!

Soulful, understanding, sometimes moody, the Sign of Cancer is complex, highly intuitive and very attached to the home. Here is a big crab, the signs' symbol ready to swim, have fun and be part of your party! 

Twins of Gemini

The Gemini Twins are among the cutest sign of the Zodiac - and forever, eternally young to boot! These sweet babies made of delicious almond vanilla cookies can be customized to portray your very own Gemini, or sweet babies as well! They do look as wonderful as they taste!

May 22, 2020

Covid 19 Silver Marzipan Bullets

Done this time in Marzipan, for that smooth look and feel, these are made with marzipan and edible silver - If you want to order a treat for our times that hits all the right spots - Get these today! Selling a box of 4 for $20, email and they can be yours!

April 27, 2020

Thank You Cookies, From and Of The Heart

Thank you to our Hospital community who are on the front lines fighting for our health. We are so fortunate here in Columbia County to have the skilled medical professionals we do at Columbia Memorial Hospital! PookyStudio was asked to create cookies of gratitude, and I also want to thank the Board of Trustees for making this happen. The Cookies have the feel of a 'Sacred Heart' because of the great care we receive from them! Thank you Columbia Memorial Hospital! We love you!

March 31, 2020

What The World Wants Today

We live in times of great historic significance. We are at home, we are hoping to survive through these difficult times. Sometimes I bake the cookies, and sometimes the cookies bake me. In this case the Silver Bullet Cookie appeared, and it was the latter. They can be mailed to you anywhere in the USA and a box of 4 will cost $20 including shipping. The Cookies are delicious, and while not of any medicinal value, they'll bring a big smile! We are all in this as one! Sending love and healing thoughts. We will stay indoors, we will get through this!

March 18, 2020

Happy St. Patricks Day

For the love of The Irish and all things greening, St Patricks Day is a celebration of spirit! For 2020 amidst fears and needs for protection this fashion live was born. Leprechaun inspired, featuring a dark and light tartan print as well as green roses because.......Green! The face masks match the outfits whether tartan or gold and the rubber gloves have taken on a designer feel. These "leprechauns" are of all races and the fashion is gender neutral. Time to be lifted and amused by the lyrical folk of Eire in their St Patrick's Day best!

February 26, 2020

Into the Candy Sea

While we are in Pisces, there is no better time to explore the primordial sea in liquid candy, a sparkling medium.  From waves that gambol, to the sea creatures that inhabit and add to it's bounty, all can be portrayed in the magic of candy glass. Here are a few current pieces, which give a sense of waves, of what lives in them and what can be done candy style!

February 20, 2020

Edible Shoes and Art

When Mary Breneman had her art opening last Saturday, she had asked me to collaborate on some cookies for the event. Here are the wonderful cookies that came from this project! Some VERY Tasty Shoes indeed! The shoes, the beautiful artist herself and a cookie lover all here for you to see!

If you are in Hudson New York, get over to Nicole Vidor on Upper Warren Street and check out the wonderful show! And if you want to eat your art, give Pooky a ping at

February 14, 2020

Happy Valentines Day 2020

Everybody loves a lover, every lover loves a cookie and all of PookyStudio's fabulous Confections for St. Valentines Day are fused with love and happiness! Lift your heart, spirit and tastebuds with these lovely treats, that invite gazing before the actual devouring....Love brings out the sweetness in life and it is a good day to reflect the love of life itself ! These cookies are crafted and all art is baked into the cookie! Hope you enjoy our latest portfolio of love cookies....cookie love!