August 27, 2020

The only adult in the Zodiac is the Virgo symbol of a woman, so Virgo Women (of which I am one) are special to me. And maybe you too! Here is a pantheon of Virgos all made from the delicious butter cookie recipe I have been working with for so long, and which includes chocolate and gingerbread too!

The Women of The Virgo Cookiehood

Top Row: Mother Teresa / Greta Garbo / Lauren Bacall / Sophia Loren / Ingrid Bergman / Beyonce

Bottom Row: Queen Elizabeth l / Pooky Amsterdam / Raquel Welch / Salma Hayek / Padma Lakshmi

August 13, 2020

Sun In Glorious & Glamorous LEO

 For the Lion & Lioness amongst us, Nothing says Dapper, Darling and Dominant Leo like some classic SugarPets! His n Hers Leo when you need to celebrate those Sun Kissed Souls!