March 30, 2022

Notable New Yorkers

 For important events, important cookies are needed, and these beautiful portraits of Notable New Yorkers were enjoyed this week by the New York Historical Society's inaugural event of the Cultural Medallions Program. It is an honor to be part of such an illustrious occasion, crafting art baked in the cookies of those who have truly changed, inspired and bettered the world!


March 08, 2022

Women's History Month


Susan B Anthony, also called The Mother Of Us All for her work as a leading suffragette! this hand painted portrait is about 9" tall and set against a cookie skyscape for her vision of a brighter future, one where women have the vote!  Let's make sure we do just just that! 

February 22, 2022

Swimming through Pisces <')))>{

Some fish inspired cookies in homage to Magritte, fish and the beauty of water as portrayed in confection.

Aquarius on the Cookie Calendar

 Way into deep February and Aquarius a bit late to the party, which might be true, as they are always busy with something new and exciting. True visionaries and the only ethereal being in the Zodiac, everyone else is an animal, human or a thing, they do see from a different perspective!