June 02, 2023

Twin Cookies for Gemini


Gemini Twins time arrives and it's a time to shine! The magical babies are forever young, inventive and adorable! They just can't help themselves, so don't even try to be immune to their charms! Welcoming the summer and bringing cookies to your life. Wishing a Happy June to. everyone!

May 11, 2023

It's A Celebration


A Life in Cookies

One of the wonderful things that can be done with Portrait Cookies is to frame them (of course given that there are enough to eat first!) Here my favorite guy is seen first as a baby smiling and then at 80 with more or less the exact same smile! And he evolves from a small square into a fully rounded individual! That is growth, but as you can see he has never lost his charm! For big birthdays and celebrations (like both wedding picture and silver anniversary snap) this is a marvelous way to honor the special folks in your life! The cookies are glazed for permanence and then glued to a frame where they will smile at you for a lifetime plus.

January 30, 2023

Happy Lunar New Year!

 Year of the Water Rabbit! Be swift, Be Sure and be hoppening! These little gingerbread bun bunnaires are made also with homemade candy glass in a liquid blue color. Both delicious and lovely to look at1 Put the cookie in the window pane and enjoy the lovely light which reflects through it.  The Year of The Water Rabbit is here!

January 19, 2023

Capricorn Time

Capricorn - The only sign with a reverse aging process. often born "little Old People" they get younger as they get older! Wise and full of great advice, it's good to have a talk with that Capricorn on your life, they are solid as can be!