October 08, 2020

Libra Means Justice!

 Sun In Libra means a search for Justice, as Libran symbology includes the scales. The personification of Justice balancing the scales dates back to the Egyptian Goddess of Justice, Maat, who stood for Truth and Fairness. I do not have to go back to Ancient Egypt to find my muse, and personification of Justice. Exalting a GREAT woman whose legacy we should be Honoring now, a true heroine of Justice, here's The Delicious RBG, or the Ruth Bader Ginsbergbread Cookie! In Ruth We Trust!


October 01, 2020

College Treats for Our Times!

 Cookies of College Logos are a sweet reminder for a student in these Covid days. Coupled with Brownies and all the positive reinforcements for Education are there! Chocolate! University! Cookietime! Yummy! 

As I am a huge supporter of education and smarts, One Dozen cookie/brownie combos, including shipping is now $36.00 (shipping East Coast) or $40.00 (West Coast) - your choice of school logo (one color) 

Help a student out and send them something Delicious and Special! make them glad they are in school right now! 

Or if you want to send a dozen 3" logo cookies, they will arrive for the total price of $30!

Get your College Specials NOW! The Kids will thank you!