Cookies can be ordered through email: orders@pookystudio.com Facebook: PookyStudio or Instagram: @pookystudio

We encourage requirements and photographs to be sent along with inquiries. Or questions to orders@pookystudio.com and we will get right back to you.  We specialize in custom cookies and want to work with you to ensure our bespoke work resounds with you.

Imaged Cookies

Classic shapes: rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals, triangles (custom available too).

The price of a cookie depends on its size, number of colors and if it’s packaged.

There is a one-time plate charge for the logo, art, image, message or such, of $50.00 on all printed work.

Please send order inquiry at least 2 weeks in advance of order, to ensure enough time.

Pricing Guidelines

Price per cookie: 3" is $1.00 each ~ 4" is $1.50 each for a one-color print.

(for each additional color add 25 cents).

The cookies can be packaged as favors individually in a high quality cello bag with a choice of a satin ribbon, which creates a great party favor, add $1.00.

One color 3" square in bag
50 cookies x $1.00 = $50
50 bags x $1.00 = $50
Plate charge = $50
Total = $150

Portraits and Photos

Prices for 4" Black & White rectangle, oval, etc.

4" Cookies are $1.50 plus a $50 plate charge.

4" Portrait Cookie unwrapped
25 Cookies x $1.50 = $37.50
Plate Charge = $50
Total = $87.50

Large 10" x 12"
Hand Painted Portraits such as Susan B. Anthony
$150 each
Great for cake tops

Custom $100

Custom $100
2 1/2" x 5 1/2"
$100 per dozen

Personal Memes

Your personal saying on a cookie
$50 for 12 

Pooky Pop

Two delicious buttery cookies sandwiched with a dark chocolate ganache on a lollipop stick!

One color logo is $5 packaged in high quality cello bag and choice of satin ribbon.

3" PookyPop Wrapped
50 Pops x $5.00 = $250
Plate Charge = $50
Total = $300

3" PookyPop
Unwrapped 50 Pops x $4.00 = $200
Plate Charge = $50
Total = $250

3" Square logo box – Cookie Favor

Inside this gold trimmed box are 2 cookie sandwiches with your choice of message, logo, portrait or such.

Gold Boxes with 2 sandwiches are $5.00

Gold trim logo box with 2 sandwiches
100 boxes x $5.00 = $500
Plate Charge = $50
Total = $550


100 approx. 3" stickers die-cut to shape for $100 (new!).

Shipping & Handling

The cookies ship very well and are double boxed to ensure they arrive in good order.

Shipping costs not included in pricing, except where specified e.g. Skyscapes.