February 26, 2020

Into the Candy Sea

While we are in Pisces, there is no better time to explore the primordial sea in liquid candy, a sparkling medium.  From waves that gambol, to the sea creatures that inhabit and add to it's bounty, all can be portrayed in the magic of candy glass. Here are a few current pieces, which give a sense of waves, of what lives in them and what can be done candy style!

February 20, 2020

Edible Shoes and Art

When Mary Breneman had her art opening last Saturday, she had asked me to collaborate on some cookies for the event. Here are the wonderful cookies that came from this project! Some VERY Tasty Shoes indeed! The shoes, the beautiful artist herself and a cookie lover all here for you to see!

If you are in Hudson New York, get over to Nicole Vidor on Upper Warren Street and check out the wonderful show! And if you want to eat your art, give Pooky a ping at pooky@pookystudio.com

February 14, 2020

Happy Valentines Day 2020

Everybody loves a lover, every lover loves a cookie and all of PookyStudio's fabulous Confections for St. Valentines Day are fused with love and happiness! Lift your heart, spirit and tastebuds with these lovely treats, that invite gazing before the actual devouring....Love brings out the sweetness in life and it is a good day to reflect the love of life itself ! These cookies are crafted and all art is baked into the cookie! Hope you enjoy our latest portfolio of love cookies....cookie love!

February 06, 2020

Valentine's Candy Cookie Confection

They say when you grow up you leave behind the things of childhood, but for me the pans I used to bang on as on 2 year old and the rolling pin I used to beat out a pleasant drumming sound have become my tools. One of the first sets of "cookie cutters" I found which kept me occupied for hours were the aspic cutters your mom may or may have not used for bridge sandwiches. I think I have had the same set for 40 years! The shaped always make me think of things like - design truth...how can they be arranged to portray a visual verity, a visual truth. Here is my take on some Valentine candy Jewelry, all candy and cookies gilded with edible gold. Each one a treasure and each one slightly different too! I framed the two groups in some color coordination, and they are about 3 - 4" in height and width. (The largest reach about 5", the smallest 2.5") Enjoy the View from the Brooch!