October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween 2019

Beautiful delicious design is what PookyStudio is all about. Something so special that you can hold in your hands and eat means good memories! While Halloween is a spooky time of year, these pumpkins are delightful.

October 23, 2019

Sun in Libra

 The Sun sign of Libra is represented by the scales, is the only material object in the Zodiac. Libras will weigh what is valuable and yes like shiny objects too. Libra also represents the scales, the scales are the balance of truth. Libra is also ruled by Venus the Goddess of love, so to represent this sun sign before the final second of the last minute of the end of Sun in Libra, here is a Goddess of Justice. And she is blind, because Truth and Love are Blind. I have heard that Truth and Beauty reward the lonely worshipper, but Venus is far too lovely and seeking a true partner, to be alone for long. This is a chocolate cookie gilded and this metallic effect might be a touchstone for the fall into winer season. 

October 16, 2019

Autumn CookieScape

From outer space to our own beautiful planet. So beautiful in fact as to be inspiring in all ways, for all times, and for many artists, such as the Hudson Valley's own Thomas Cole. It was at his studio, that I held his brush and emerged myself in the treasures of his workspace, diverse and eclectic. From small stones and tiny skeletons, which were a filagree of their own to the colors of his still fresh looking palette, what a majestic display of visual goods. Cole painted landscapes, most famously and his breathtaking work has inspired me for many years. In this cookie landscape I take elements of our beautiful views and interpret them in cookie dough. Here I include a candy river, for that watery look, the shine on the light of the water enhanced by some deft food color strokes of my own. Our Hudson Valley views are like a box of KIX cereal, seen from a distance and the colors of this splendid season portray Fall's final dance in a furious storm of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns before they drift to the ground and we enter winter!  Let us celebrate the beauty of the season with yummy tastes and cookies! We are ready to make any occasion a special one indeed, looking forward to working with you over the upcoming Holiday Seasons!

October 09, 2019


Space Week is happening now and PookyStudio is ready for it. 
50 years ago Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, 3M it's been reported, wanted to imprint their logo in the bottom of Neils Boot, but for some reason that branding opportunity never materialized.....Until now....because PookyStudio is able to get your logo anywhere! Will "Outer Space" ever be full of solar powered billboards touting the beauty, splendor and wonder of Earth origin products, such as 3M? Do Post-It notes even need a board to stick on, in space or can they just float free? No matter because where humans are, we need food to keep going and inspiration to create within any field we are in. That is why the magic of branded cookies is so powerful. The ultimate in interior decorating, in grokking and in good taste, isn't it time to consider what art baked in a cookie can do for you? Yes it is! Read it and Eat it - This cookie is a Treat! 
A form of edible communication that is ready to impress you from inside and out. How cool is it that something so tasty and delicate can have a powerful message. One cookie equals a 1,000 words! What do you want your cookie to say? 

Email pooky@pookystudio.com and we will help you with your message and the perfect cookies for your event, where ever you are!