August 26, 2019

Sun in Leo

The Sun in Leo makes us think of the grandeur of the Lion & Lioness! here we have one of each for your own fabulous Leo's!

The 70 Club

Recently two wonderful people celebrated entering the 70 Club! And to commemorate these events two kinds of cookies were made for these wonderful people! For Carol, who loves Egyptian Art :

For Frank, a portrait cookie of his dapper self as a very young man! This is Frank at 70 holding his cookie! 

Know someone who is having a celebration? They need Cookies, email today


In celebration of Herman Melville's 200th Birthday - This hommage in cookie form was made to honor the greatest literary leviathan there has ever been! Piece is 13" x 11" and candy glass makes the sea while a hand painted portrait of Melville graces the upper left corner. And Moby Dick might be the single heaviest cookie ever!