February 06, 2020

Valentine's Candy Cookie Confection

They say when you grow up you leave behind the things of childhood, but for me the pans I used to bang on as on 2 year old and the rolling pin I used to beat out a pleasant drumming sound have become my tools. One of the first sets of "cookie cutters" I found which kept me occupied for hours were the aspic cutters your mom may or may have not used for bridge sandwiches. I think I have had the same set for 40 years! The shaped always make me think of things like - design truth...how can they be arranged to portray a visual verity, a visual truth. Here is my take on some Valentine candy Jewelry, all candy and cookies gilded with edible gold. Each one a treasure and each one slightly different too! I framed the two groups in some color coordination, and they are about 3 - 4" in height and width. (The largest reach about 5", the smallest 2.5") Enjoy the View from the Brooch!

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