November 03, 2020

For Election Day 2020


Whether or not Politics brings out the best in us, we should never forget what we as HUMANS are capable of. Let's look at an example from the polymath and artistic genius, the Great Leonardo DaVinci, another person who lived on Planet Earth. He created the drawing of the Vitruvian man to show a perfect figure, but to me, and perhaps to him, DaVinci showed that we are stars! This drawing always makes me realize that we are a 5 pointed star. And thinking about DaVinci makes me also realize that we are able to create so much goodness, value, beauty and worth in the angles of our better nature! Hope you VOTE!

And hope you never forget that another human being drew this, and in 1490! We are truly awesome as a species, let's remember this for the future, and live up, not down to, our expectations of humanity. 

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